Conference rooms for all types of events

If you are in Thessaloniki on business, our hotel's conference facilities are at your disposal, offering a wide range of rooms and services.

For smaller business meetings our hotel offers rooms with a capacity of up to 20 people, while conferences and larger business events are hosted in our more spacious rooms, such as the luxury 600 square meters Aristotle room.

The layout for all conference rooms can be changed, while their location on the hotel's ground floor in combination with the large glass windows offer plenty of natural light, with the option of completely darkening the room if required.

If you live in Thessaloniki or are simply visiting and are looking for the ideal conference room, make a reservation and let us ensure the successful organization of your business meeting.

CONFEREΝCES Makedonia Palace is the ideal host for every type of professional gathering, such as conferences, offering a wide range of alternatives in terms of services.