Macedonia Palace, as a socially responsible enterprise, embraces responsibility and continues to act on its commitments towards the people, by developing a number of initiatives through four (4) basic principles: health, education, environment and susceptible groups.


Education is considered an investment in a country’s future. The power of knowledge constitutes a mean of development and progress.

Macedonia Palace, by placing youth as a prime concern, develops different various educational programs and supports academic institutions as well as scientific communities, providing youngsters with the opportunity of learning.

  • Makedonia Palace was major communication sponsor of the event, ‘The underwear rule, against children’s sexual harassment’
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The environment is the vital space of the people. It is necessary for our survival, for the preservation of our health, for the quality of our lives and for the development of our identity.

Macedonia Palace, with total conscience of its responsibility towards future generations, applies a series of certified measures and programs in topics like recycling, energy savings and raw materials utilization.

Its actions, though, do not limit themselves only on the inside of the hotel, but are expanding outside of its walls with the goal of raising people’s awareness and developing an environmental culture.

Besides, the environment has no limits!



“Health is valuable but mutable” (Plutarch).

Macedonia Palace, as a people-centric business, prioritizes on the health and security of its employees as well as of the people of the city.

Through a variety of programs it tends to provide to its employees, co-workers, students in training, and guests, a safe working and living environment. In addition to that, it participates in health actions with social agencies that provide solidarity, via organizing fundraisers & charities that support the overall health of our surrounding communities.

  • Makedonia Palace participated at the 4th International Late PM-Half Marathon of Thessaloniki, in collaboration with the “IFAISTOS – Sports Club for the Blind”.
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  • Makedonia Palace participated at the 3rd International Late PM Half-Marathon of Thessaloniki, in collaboration with the ‘Earth Angels’ Foundation
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  • Picnic at the Dedas Estate in collaboration with the ‘’Saint Dimitrios’’ Center of Social Welfare for children with Disabilities
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  • Makedonia Palace participated at the 10th International ‘’Alexander the Great’’ Marathon in Thessaloniki, along with the “Child’s Antirheumatic Stand” society.
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Susceptible Groups

Macedonia Palace, as a living institution that develops and evolves through the stability and prosperity of its local community, focuses on the improvement and aid of the city’s susceptible groups.

In collaboration with associations and local firms, our hotel develops programs which are designed for corresponding to the needs of the public wellbeing. It also participates in the betterment & alleviation of the lives of the general public, via charitable donations and financial sponsorships.

  • Collaboration between MAKEDONIA PALACE and PAOK FC to offer relief to refugees. Love knows better! #weareallrefugees
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  • Makedonia Palace proudly participates, as a Hospitality Sponsor, at the great sports event of the Greek Veteran Association of Basketball players
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  • New Social Corporate Responsibility action "EYE CAN"
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Corporate social responsibility Makedonia Palace Macedonia Palace, as a socially responsible enterprise, embraces responsibility and continues to act on its commitments towards the people.