Makedonia Palace Plays Its Part During 81st Thessaloniki International Fair! - Makedonia Palace

Makedonia Palace Plays Its Part During 81st Thessaloniki International Fair!

The legendary Makedonia Palace hotel once again played an important role during the 81st Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) by offering its unique hospitality services to its guests. The 81st TIF ran in Thessaloniki during September 10-18.

As every year, a large number of the fair’s visitors, including renowned personalities from the political and business world, selected the Makedonia Palace for their accommodation and meetings.

Moreover, most guests had the chance to be the first to experience the hotel’s brand new rooms located on three renovated floors.

Under the “Remake Project”, the eight-storey unit – Thessaloniki’s first luxury hotel which opened its doors in 1972 – is currently undergoing complete renovation works.
The mega-investment aims to bring back the elegance of the hotel that marked Thessaloniki history and has grown to become a landmark for the city.

"2016 is a landmark year for the hotel as it coincides with the Remake Project, which focuses on the harmonic combination of the hotel's rich history with the demands of today's visitors", the management of the Makedonia Palace said in an announcement.



The Lobby

The Makedonia Palace lobby has been completely renovated, both functionally and aesthetically in order to align with the new enhanced provision of communal ground floor spaces.


The 1st Phase Of Makedonia Palace REMAKE Project Is Completed!

The first phase of the MAKEDONIA PALACE REMAKE Project was successfully completed a few days ago. The emblematic Thessaloniki hotel now has three fully renovated floors (6th, 7th and 8th floors), where contemporary design is harmoniously combined with austere luxury – both integral elements of the hotel’s DNA.