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EASTER at the Salonica restaurant of Makedonia Palace

Makedonia Palace promises a bright Easter in the restaurant Salonica, which welcomes you to its spring veranda and the never ending Thermaikous Blue. Easter gastronomic getaways will make you revive the Greek traditions with creative culinary options, together with a festive dj set.
post featured image On Easter Sunday, the main attraction is the festive traditional Easter buffet. Authentic festive flavors for all culinary desires. Unlimited buffet, at 65€ per person. On Holy Saturday, the Resurrection menu combines popular Greek specialties with classic International dishes such as traditional Easter soup “mayiritsa” soup with egg-lemon sauce, Greek traditional “kokoretsi’ & “tsigerosarmadakia” , lamb fillet with accompanying. Festive menu with 4-course set menu, at 50€ per person.
Menu Sunday April 28th
  • Greek and international cheeses with breadsticks, crackers and dry nuts
  •   Smoked Scottish salmon with its garnishesl oiled shrimps with cocktail and olive-lemon sauce
  •   Octopus carpaccio with olive oil, wine vinegar and oregano
  •   Tuna salad with egg, onion and colorful peppers
  •   Russian salad,  “Galotiri”, Fava with caramelized onions, Tzatziki, Eggplant salad
  •   Boiled greens ‘stamnagathi’ with olive oil
  •   Boiled zucchinis
  •   Roasted beets with yogurt and vinegar
  •   Greek salad
  •   Greek lettuce with spring onion and dill
  •   Rocket with graviera and wine vinegar
  •   Cabbage-carrot salad with green apples, pomegranates and walnuts
  •   Greek traditional “mayiritsa” soup
  •   Whole baby lamb, “kokoretsi” & “kontosouvli” on the spit
  •   Veal fillets, grilled mini burgers, chicken fillet, sausages with vinegar, sausages with stamnagathi greens
  •   Homemade spinach with cheese pie
  •   Artichokes à la polita
  •   Grilled vegetables
  •   Lemon baked potatoes with oregano
  •   Cretan catbonara with ‘apaki’
  •   “Gardoubakia”
  •   Stuffed vine leaves and stuffed zucchini blossoms
  •   Beef with vegetables and lemon sauce
  •   Lamb livers with rice wrapped in omentum & flavored with aromatic herbs
  •   Roasted eggplant “papoutsakia”
  •   Kritharoto with mushrooms from Grevena
  •   Pork with leeks and celery
  •   Greek traditional sweets
  •   Black Forest
  •   Chocolate cake
  •   Pavlova with forest berries
  •   White chocolate cake with Madagascar vanilla
  •   Cheese cake with cherry
  •   Vanilla crème brûlée with anise
  •   Saint Honoré with praline mousseline
  •   Orange pie
  •   Mini Paris-Brest
  •   Mini baba with rum
  •   Macaron
  •   “Samali” cake with Chios mastic
  •   Seasonal fruits
  •   “Tsoureki” greek traditional brioche & chocolate eggs
Price per person: €65

Menu Saturday April 27th
  • Greek traditional “mayiritsa” soup with egg-lemon sauce
  • Greek traditional “kokoretsi’ & “tsigerosarmadakia” served with fresh green salad with herbs, radish and olive oil-lemon sauce
  • Lamb in clay pot with aromatic herbs, roast eggplant and glazed onions with sheep yogurt and sweet red pepper, roasted new crop potatoes with rosemary
  • Chocolate egg with caramelized white chocolate, strawberry and Madagascar vanilla ice cream
  • Coffee or tea
  • “Tsoureki” greek traditional brioche and red eggs
Price per person: €50  We are waiting you to celebrate!

For more information & reservations, please contact Guest Relations Manager (Mr. Dimitris Lazarou)
at +30 2310 897197 or via email at guestrel@makedoniapalace.gr