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European Foundation for Quality Management Award

Το Makedonia Palace, αποτελώντας πάντα αναπόσπαστο και ζωτικό κομμάτι της Θεσσαλονίκης, συμπορεύεται μαζί της σε κάθε νέο της μονοπάτι και ακολουθεί τη καινοτομία περνώντας σε μία νέα εποχή, θέτοντας τον πήχη της φιλοξενίας ακόμα πιο ψηλά.

The Makedonia Palace hotel in Thessaloniki was recognized for the quality of its business management model during the EFQM Award Ceremony which recently took place in Athens.

The ceremony was organized by the Institute for Sustainability & Growth (INBIAN), which is the official partner of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) in Greece.

The hotel was certified as a “Qualified by EFQM” organization, following a thorough assessment process which examined its purpose, vision, and strategy.

Furthermore, Makedonia Palace’s EFQM award recognized its culture and leadership organization, the ways it engages its stakeholders and its innovative paths towards sustainability and transformation.

The EFQM globally recognized and holistic model of business management, has been implemented by the hotel since 2018. According to the hotel’s management team this year’s honor “underlines the company’s excellent hospitality services and its commitment to quality tourism.”

Established in 1989, EFQM is a not-for-profit membership foundation which was created when the CEOs of 67 European companies declared their commitments to its core values of purpose, effective leadership, cultural change and sustainable development.

Since then, the foundation has helped over 50,000 companies improve their performance and attain the goal of environmentally and socially positive business governance.

Makedonia Palace is a Thessaloniki architectural landmark strongly connected to its recent history.

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